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Compact Precision

The AGN4 has been designed to produce high precision small parts and is capable of performing plunge, contour, and traverse grinding operations. This compact machine occupies only 30 square feet of floor space, but its standard configuration makes it adaptable for factory automation. The fully enclosed grinder is available with either a straight or 30° angular wheelhead.

The grinder is equipped with a combination live/dead spindle workhead for versatility. Highly rigid hydrodynamic wheel spindle bearings assure superior accuracy and smooth surface finishes.

A FANUC CNC control is standard on the AGN4. Available options include an automatic loader, in-process OD gauge, automatic lateral locator, and various wheel dressers.

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FANUC model 0i TD CNC Control
Cast iron machine base
Vee & flat pressurized way system
Combination live & dead spindle workhead
Workhead mounted diamond holder
Servo work drive
Hydromatic wheel spindle bearings
Power operated tailstock
14" X 2" wheel guard capacity
Full enclosure
Variable speed wheel drive with dynamic braking
Work area lighting
Workhead mounted diamond adapter

General Specifications

Max. Work Swing: 7"
Max. Distance Between centers: 10"
Max. Supportable Weight: 44 lbs.

Work Speeds, variable: 0 - 1800 rpm
Center taper: #2 Morse
Workhead Spindle: live/dead spindle
Workhead thru hole: 0.625"

Travel Distance: 6.7"
Rapid Traverse Rate: 320 inch/min
Programmable Feed Rate: 0.00001 - 200 inch/min
Straight or Angle: 0 or 30 degrees fixed
Wheel spindle bearings: hydrodynamic

Work center taper: #2 Morse
Quill travel distance: 1.2"
Quill advance/retraction: pneumatic

Grinding Wheel
Size (OD x width x ID): 14" x 2" x 5"
Standard surface speed: 8800 SFPM

Travel Distance: 14"
Rapid-Traverse Rate: 640 inch/min
Programmable Feed Rate: 0.0001-200 inch/min
Swivel of Taper Adjust: +/- 1 Degree
Way Construction: ground, vee and flat pressurized

Work Spindle: 1.9 hp AC servo
Wheel Spindle: 5 hp T.E.F.C.
Wheel Spindle Lube: 1/10 hp
Hydraulic Oil: 1 hp
X and Z axis AC servo: 0.6 hp

Machine Dimensions and Construction
Dimensions: 58"W x 76"D x 74"H
Centerline of workpiece, height from floor: 41"
Weight: 4,600lbs.
Construction: Cast Iron
Foundation: 6" reinforced concrete floor required

Tank Capacities
Way lubrication oil tank: 1 gallon
Wheel spindle lubrication tank: 4 gallon

Wheel Spindle: Recirculating Hydraulic Oil
Ways: Recirculating Lube Oil
Ballscrews: Recirculating Lube Oil
Workhead Spindle: Permanent grease packed
Footstock: Recirculating Hydraulic Oil

Electrical Specifications
Standard Voltage: 208/240 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hertz, AC
(any other voltage must be referred to the factory for price and delivery)

Air Pressure: 80 psi
Air Volume: 5 SCFM
Note: System requires a filtered and dry air source

CNC Control Specifications - FANUC 0i TD
Manual pulse generator
Full linear and circular contouring and positioning
FANUC digital and AC servo systems
Direct RPM programming or constant surface feet per minute
Built-in diagnostics
7.2" color LCD display
Macro subroutines
Automatic recognition of EIA or ISO coding
Decimal point programming
Absolute/Incremental programming
RS 232 interface
0.00010" command resolution
Automatic update of offsets
Program storage, 160 meters