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CNC Grinders
A complete line of 8 versatile CNC Grinder models

Weldon Solutions CNC Grinders

OD/ID Grinders

    1632 GOLD Grinder - Download a PDF brochure PDF

1632 GOLD Grinder

The 1632 Gold and 1612 Gold are the ultimate in CNC cylindrical grinders with OD/ID and non-round capabilities. These machines can automatically grind diameters, tapers, chamfers, radii, shoulders, and contours in one set-up and one continuous operation. The Gold grinders feature an innovative shear damping base design which provides superior damping, greater thermal stability... learn more >>

OD Grinders

    Altaira Grinder NEW! - Download a PDF brochure PDF

Altaira Grinder

The Weldon Altaira is designed to satisfy high production OD grinding applications on work parts up to 16" in diameter and 40" in overall length. Like the Solaris, the Altaira has high-speed spindle capability and the stiffness required for superabrasive peel grinding applications. The single pass profiling (peel) process allows the user to grind a variety of shapes on any number of part styles... learn more >>

Solaris Grinder - Download a PDF brochure PDF

Solaris Grinder

The Weldon Solaris CNC cylindrical grinder is designed to satisfy processing of large, heavy work parts. Rotary and linear axes are sealed from airborne contaminates providing unmatched longevity in carbide and ceramic grinding applications. Available with either a straight or angular wheel head (factory set) the Solaris can grind outside diameters, shoulders, and faces in a single set-up... learn more >>
Midas Series Grinders - Download a PDF brochure PDF

Midas Series Grinder

The MIDAS Series includes eight CNC cylindrical grinders that are designed to meet the rigorous demands and exacting requirements of high production grinding. The grinders incorporate the extremely stiff shear damping base design used in Weldon's GOLD models. Each MIDAS grinder has been uniquely configured with... learn more >>
AGN4 Grinder - Download a PDF brochure PDF

AGN4 Grinder

The AGN4 has been designed to produce high precision small parts and is capable of performing plunge, contour, and traverse grinding operations. This compact machine occupies only 30 square feet of floor space, but its standard configuration makes it adaptable for... learn more >>
P175 Punch Grinder - Download a PDF brochure PDF

P175 Punch Grinder

A high precision, compact grinder specifically designed for non-round grinding of small parts such as pharmaceutical, sheet metal and forming punches. Bundled with EZPUNCH software... learn more >>

ID Grinders

    Phoenix Grinder - Download a PDF brochure PDF

Phoenix Grinder

Introduced in 2001, this new compact internal dual spindle grinder has cut it's teeth in the demanding fuel injection arena where deep small accurate bore grinding is common place. Rigid enough to handle CBN and Diamond processes... learn more >>

UGC Grinder - Download a PDF brochure PDF

UGC Grinder

The Weldon UGC is a small part CNC grinding system ideally suited for internal, external and face grinding in a chucking mode. An optional ā€œCā€ axis package provides non-round (cam) grinding capability... learn more >>

Our capabilities include not only plain grinding, but the ultimate in contour grinding, where we lead the industry in precision and productivity standards.

All Weldon grinders are tough enough for large production jobs, and their CNC capability allows for extremely fast setup times that can make completion of even the smallest lots profitable.

When you turn to Weldon for your CNC grinding requirements, you benefit in these important ways:

  • increased productivity and efficiency
  • improved part quality
  • superior grinding process control
  • easy operation, requiring less operator skill
  • rapid payback on your investment

You have the confidence of knowing that your grinder supplier has been solving the industry's most demanding CNC grinding problems since the introduction of CNC in the early 1970's.