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  Midas Series

Weldon Solutions CNC Grinders

Versatile OD Grinding

The Midas Series includes eight CNC cylindrical grinders that are designed to meet the rigorous demands and exacting requirements of high production grinding. The grinders incorporate the extremely stiff shear damping base design used in Weldon's GOLD models. Each Midas grinder has been uniquely configured with a large grinding wheel, increased horsepower, a straight or angular wheel-head, FANUC CNC control, 16" swing, and 12" or 32" between centers capacity. The models are customized to fit specific applications and are readily adaptable for factory automation.

120S - Straight Wheelhead or
120A - Angular Wheelhead

- 16" Swing
- 12" Length
- 20" Wheel
320S - Straight Wheelhead or
320A - Angular Wheelhead

- 16" Swing
- 32" Length
- 20" Wheel
124S - Straight Wheelhead or
124A - Angular Wheelhead

- 16" Swing
- 12" Length
- 24" Wheel
324S - Straight Wheelhead or
324A - Angular Wheelhead

- 16" Swing
- 32" Length
- 24" Wheel

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FANUC model 32i B CNC Control with Color LCD
160 meters part program storage, 63 PGMS
Shear Damper machine base
Precision cross-roller linear way system
Low inertia break-away coupling, X axis
Automatic Trabon lubrication system
Heavy-duty live spindle workhead, 6A2, #5 MT center
Servo work drive, 5HP, 0 to 600 RPM
Full Enclosure
Variable speed wheel drive with dynamic braking
Air conditioned electrical panel
Work area lighting
Workhead mounted diamond adapter and single point diamond
Wheel guard and hood assembly
Coolant plumbing and bed-wash system
Grinding wheel and hub
Set-up tools

General Specifications

Maximum work swing: 16 "
Maximum distance between centers (120S, 120A, 124S, 124A): 12"
Maximum distance between centers (320S, 320A, 324S, 324A): 26"
Worktable travel (120S, 120A, 124S, 124A): 26"
Worktable travel (320S, 320A, 324S, 324A): 32"

Heavy-duty, preloaded precision antifriction bearings
Spindle nose (ASME Standard): 6" A2
Center taper: #5 Morse
Through-hole diameter in spindle for draw bars and knock-out: 1.0625"
Spindle speed range is indefinitely variable and programmed by percentage w/ manual speed override located on operator control station: 0-900 rpm
Maximum runout: .000050"
Motor, FANUC AC servo drive: 5.0 hp

Angular contact ball bearings which allow lateral loading while contouring with wheel edge.
Motor (120S, 120A, 320S, 320A): 20 hp, T.E.F.C.
Motor (124S, 124A, 324S, 324A): 25 hp, T.E.F.C.
Wheel speed varible rpm: 8,500 SFPM (nominal)
Maximum OD wheel diameter: 24 "
Maximum wheel width (120S, 120A, 320S, 320A): 4.0"
Maximum wheel width (124S, 120A, 320S, 320A): 5.0"
Note: Actual speed and power rating calculated to suit specific application

Center taper: #5 Morse
Quill retraction (manual lever): 1.5"

Table Drives
FANUC AC digital servo drives: 1.9 hp
Command resolution, least programmable increment: 0.000010"
Position feedback resolution: 0.0000010"
Precision ground preloaded ballscrews on Z-axis
Way construction: hardened and ground cross trails
Bearings, preloaded: cross-roller

Wheel Spindle: Permanent grease-packed
Workhead spindle: Permanent grease-packed
Ballscrews and rollerscrew: Automatic lube oil
Ways: Automatic lube oil
Safety detect interlock to prevent cycling of operation if low air pressure or low oil level is sensed
Automatic programmed cycle to lubricate machine when started up

Electrical Specifications
Complete electrical equipment wired in accordance with IEC electrical standards for metalworking machine tools
Standard Voltage: 460 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hertz, AC
(any other voltage must be referred to the factory for price and delivery)

Pneumatics (air moisture: 70° F. dew point maximum)
Air Pressure: 80 psi
Air Volume: 5 SCFM
Note: System requires a filtered and dry air source

Coolant System
Machine is set up to funnel coolant out to an optional coolant filter or tank system via a sheet metal trough. All necessary piping and solenoids for coolant control from the machine control are provided.

Machine Dimensions and Construction
Width, with table travel (120S, 120A, 124S, 124A): 103"
Width, with table travel (320S. 320A, 324S, 324A): 131"
Depth, with slide travel: 127"
Depth for shipping, pendulum swung in: 93"
Height: 85"
Weight: 15,500 lbs.
Construction: welded steel Shear Damper™
Foundation: 6" concrete floor recommended
Three-point antivibration suspension system requiring no floor attachment.

CNC Control Specifications - FANUC 32i B
Manual pulse generator
Full linear and circular contouring and positioning capabilities
FANUC and AC digital servo systems
Direct RPM programming or constant surface feet per minute
10" high-resolution color LCD
Macro subroutines
Automatic recognition of EIA or ISO coding
Absolute/Incremental programming
RS 232 interface