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  Multi-Level Automated Pan Storage System

Weldon Solutions' total automation of Pan Storage and Retrieval, pan unstacking and stacking, and pan conveying lets you optimize the production cycle and increase your profits! The advantages of Weldon Solutions' space-saving Multi-Level system are shown below.

Saves floor space in your bakery

  • Utilizes vertical "cube space" up to ceiling height
  • Easily handles pan inventory from multiple baking lines
  • Ideally suited for retrofit into existing bakeries

Benefits from all the features of Weldon's Single-Level system

  • Encoders and Infrared Positioning System maximize throughput
  • Custom Speed Profiling
  • Flexible Inventory Management Tools
  • New Cable Reel Model
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Numerous Interface Options for Stackers, Unstackers and Pan Trucks

Multi-level Pan Storage System

Cover plates and cargo netting protect pans on upper levels

Multi-Level Pan Storage System

Single-Mast design maximizes speed and storage density

Multi-Level Pan Storage System