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  P175 Punch Grinder

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The Answer to Small Punch Grinding

The Weldon P175 CNC Punch Grinder has been specifically designed for non-round grinding of small parts such as pharmaceutical, sheet metal and forming punches. This extremely stiff, compact machine is manufactured with a 7" swing capacity and 7" distance between centers. Weldon has packaged the technology required to meet the stringent criteria associated with punch grinding. As a high precision machine, the P175 is capable of round as well as non-round parts grinding. It can easily grind simple or complex shapes to close tolerances with little setup.

The P175 is fully equipped with all of the components and tooling necessary to help you meet your difficult punch grinding requirements. This dedicated package, combined with Weldon's extensive punch grinding experience, make it the ideal choice for companies looking for ways to improve throughput and increase profitability.

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EZPUNCH Simplifies the Grinding of All Your Complex Parts

EZPUNCH software is the Weldon solution to more productive grinding of pharmaceutical punches, sheet metal punches, forming punches and other complex parts up to 1.75" in diameter and without any length to width limitations.

EZPUNCH is simple, fast, straightforward programming software that enables your operator to describe flexible non-round convex shapes with up to six sides, and equilateral polygons up to 12 sides using 14 basic shapes.

EZPUNCH is easy because it communicates in a language your operator can understand quickly without previous programming experience. With minimal training the operator can interact with the system to create the desired grinding program.

And for more versatility, EZPUNCH gives you the option to grind the workpart from either a round blank or a preformed shape.

EZPUNCH Gives You More... Punch!

  • Can define any polygon, regular or irregular, up to 6 sides
  • Operator can modify process parameters
  • Has centerline offset capability
  • Radii, arcs and blends are completely CNC generated
  • Greater programming speed and flexibility off-line on a PC
  • Creates a standard G and M code program
  • Import any drawn shape using DXF


FANUC model 0i TD CNC Control with Color LCD
Cast iron machine base
Vee & flat pressurized way system
Servo work drive
Hydrodynamic wheel spindle bearings
Power operated tailstock
14" by 2" wheel guard capacity
Full enclosure
Variable speed wheel drive with dynamic braking
Work area lighting
Workhead mounted diamond adapter
Monlan fabric style coolant filtration system
Heavy duty live spindle programmable workhead
X axis scale
Adaptive feed control

General Specifications

Maximum work swing: 7 "
Between centers: 7"

Live spindle, preloaded precision angular contact bearings
Work center taper: #2 MT
Spindle nose (ASME standard): 4" A2
Work speeds variable: 0-900 rpm
Workhead through-hole: .625"
C axis resolution: 00150, 5 arc seconds

Work center taper: #2 MT
Quill travel: 1.2"
Advance/retract: Pneumatic

Motor: 5 HP
Wheel speed: 8,800 SFPM (nominal)
Note: Actual speed and power rating calculated to suit specific application.
Wheel slide travel: 6.7"
Wheel size (maximum): 14" x 2" x 5"
Worn wheel size: 10"
Bearings: Hydrodynamic

Work table travel: 14"

Axes Slides
AC digital servo drives: 0.6 HP
Command resolution: 000010"
Position feedback resolution: 000001"
Way construction: Pressurized Vee & flat

Wheel spindle: Recirculating hydraulic oil
Workhead spindle: Permanent grease-packed
Ballscrews: Automatic lube oil
Ways: Automatic lube oil
Safety detect interlock to prevent cycling if low air pressure or low oil level is sensed

Electrical Specifications
Wired in accordance with IEC standards, 208/240 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hertz

Pneumatics (air moisture: 70° F. dew point maximum)
Air Pressure: 80 PSI
Air Volume: 5 SCFM
Note: System requires a filtered and dry air source

CNC Control Specifications - FANUC 0i TD
Manual pulse generator
Full linear and circular contouring and positioning
FANUC digital and AC servo systems
Direct RPM programming or constant surface feet per minute
Built-in diagnostics
7.2" color LCD display
Automatic recognition of EIA or ISO coding
Decimal point programming
Absolute/Incremental programming
RS 232 interface
0.000010" command resolution
Automatic update of offsets
Program storage, 160 meters