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Weldon Solutions CNC Grinders

ID Internal, External and Face Ginding

The Weldon UGC is a small part CNC grinding system ideally suited for internal, external and face grinding in a chucking mode. An optional ā€œCā€ axis package provides non-round (cam) grinding capability.

Designed for the use or conventional or super abrasives, the UGC can accommodate both diamond and CBN grinding wheels.

The UGC can be equipped with up to three (3) grinding spindles for multiple feature grinding (bores, outside diameters, faces, etc.) in a single set-up.

Typical applications include small gears, rings, wear plates, bushings, valve components, and bearings.

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FANUC model 0i TD CNC control, and servo drives featuring FANUC AC digital technology. Includes a battery backup absolute feedback system eliminating the need to reference at each start-up.
Cast iron machine base providing stiffness, vibration control, and thermal stability.
Pressurized Vee & Flat way system for smooth, controlled linear motion.
Dressing diamond holder pneumatically positioned for tooling clearance.
Live spindle workhead with straight recess spindle nose. Features a tandum set of angular contact bearings.
80 mm spindle housing and spindle lubrication plumbing.
Full enclosure with manual sliding door assembly and multiple maintenance access window panels.


Programmable workhead with Heidenhain rotary scale for non-round applications.
GMN high frequency grinding spindles with threaded or HSK quill arrangements. Spindles sized to suit the application.
OD grinding spindle, straight or angular, with variable speed drive.
Multiple grinding spindle configurations providing the opportunity for mounting two ID spindles, or one OD and one ID spindle to perform multiple grinds in a single set-up Electric rotary dressing systems for super abrasive dressing or extended diamond life when processing with standard abrasives.
Work holding solutions can be addressed with a variety of systems such as manual and powered jaw chucks, collet chucks, magnetic faceplates, vacuum chucks, expanding arbors, pitch-line chucks, and custom fixtures.
Automation involving gantry systems, FANUC 6 axis robots, or custom alternatives can be factory integrated on a turnkey basis.
Coolant supply and filtration systems are available to suit any application; magnetic, fabric, cyclonic, pressure, and combination filtration units can be provided.

General Specifications

Chuck Diameter: 4"
Swing: 7"

Workhead (live spindle)
Spindle speed (variable): 100 to 2,000 rpm
Swivel Angle: 0° to 30°
Thru hole: .625"

Spindle Table (x axis)
ID spindle housing bore: 80mm
ID grinding spindle speed: 30,000 to 120,000 rpm (by application)
Rapid speed: 400"/min
Least input increment: .000010"
Maximum travel: 9.0"

Workhead Table (z axis)
Rapid speed: 400"/min
Least input increment: .000010"
Maximum travel: 9.0

Electrical Specifications
Standard voltage: 208/240 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hertz AC (any other voltage must be referred to factory for price and delivery)

Air pressure: 80PSI
Air volume: 5 SCFM
Note: system requires a filtered and dry air source.

CNC Control Specifications - FANUC 0i TD
Manual pulse generator
Full linear and circular contouring and positioning
FANUC and AC digital servo systems
Direct RPM programming or constant surface feet per minute
Disrtibuted microprocessor-based
Built-in diagnostics
7.2" color LCD display
Macro subroutines
Automatic recognition of EIA or ISO coding
Decimal point programming
Absolute/Incremental programming
Background part program editing
Program number search/display
Single block/dry run operational modes
Software overtravel checking
Versatile interface, allowing for easy addition of gaging, machine monitoring, robotics, etc.
RS 232 interface
.000010" command resolution
Automatic update of offsets
Program storage, 160 meters

Machine Dimensions and Construction
Floor space: 65" x 70"
Weight: 3,400 lbs.
Construction: cast iron
Foundation: 6" reinforced concrete recomended