A complete line of 8 CNC Grinders
Weldon’s product range offers a viable solution for practically every external or internal cylindrical grinding challenge on parts ranging from .100″ to 16″ in diameter and from a few ounces to 1,000 pounds. Weldon’s unique machine features and vast expertise with superabrasives offers successful solutions for difficult to cut materials such as carbide, ceramic, exotic aerospace alloys and hard tool steels.

Reduced labor costs and improved process control
We offer a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions to meet a variety of industrial automation needs. FANUC high performance robots, coupled with our project management, innovative systems engineering, customer service, and extensive industry experience have enabled us to successfully automate a variety of applications across several industries.

Weldon Solutions
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An introduction to Weldon Solutions’ CNC Grinders and Robotic Industrial Automation capabilities.


8 grinders specifically configured,
tooled and programmed to suit the
end user’s most demanding requirements.

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May 13, 2024

After 46 years with Weldon, engineering manager John Bennett is ready for semi-retirement

  John Bennett, Weldon’s engineering manager, was still in trade school when he interviewed for a draftsman position with the company. It was 1978 and John remembers it as not the most conventional interview. At the time, administrators at York Technical Institute – now YTI Career Institute – organized job interviews for students with prospective employers. They set John up to meet with Weldon’s then-president, vice president and chief of engineering. There was just one catch – they forgot to tell John about it until the day of the interview. “I went into that interview in jeans and a t-shirt,” John said. “Thankfully they were focused on my skills, not my clothes, and at the end of the interview they told ...

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