Weldon AGN4 Angular Wheelhead CNC Grinder


A new Weldon model AGN4 angular wheelhead CNC grinder has been delivered to an aerospace contract facility in sunny Southern California, for grinding a variety of commercial and military aircraft components. Machine qualification was based on Weldon’s ability to successfully grind difficult to cut alloys, such as RENE-41. Special thanks to our west coast representative, Tornquist Machinery, for their efforts to secure this business with a new customer, and for excellent followup after the sale.

System Features
• Weldon custom 3” wide wheel guard
• Weldon custom workhead center / driver / counterbalance assembly to engage 60 degree center in end of part and drive from flange
• Encyclon model 652-100 cyclonic coolant filtration system
• Absolent mist collector with HEPA filter
• Fanuc 0i TD CNC

Weldon Solutions offers a full line of CNC OD, ID, and combination grinders. As a Fanuc Robotics robotic automation integrator Weldon can also address your machine tending, material removal, material handling, and packaging/palletizing needs.

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