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collaborative versus industrial robots


The difference between collaborative and industrial robots

As an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC America, the North American leading supplier of robotic automation, and experienced Vision System Integrator, Weldon Solutions understands the importance of providing clients with robotic automation that will lead to successful process solutions.

Many industrial users may be comparing collaborative and industrial robots for their next automation project. Weldon Solutions provides a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions to meet the needs of unique industrial automation applications.

Similarities Between Collaborative and Industrial Robots

Both collaborative and industrial robots have integration options to work with other machines and robots and the ability to run consistent automated processes with limited employee oversight.

While collaborative and industrial robots improve work environments by doing tasks deemed too dangerous, laborious or repetitive for employees to carry out, collaborative robots have a compact design that allows for easy integration into any work area or existing system.

Differentiating Factors

Collaborative robots are intended to work with operators while producing similar throughput as a human worker. Unlike the traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots do not always rely on fencing. With their straightforward programming, these robots can have a lower cost for entry-level applications.

FANUC has a new collaborative model, the CRX-10ia, that is expected to do just that. With a smooth and modern design, the CRX-10ia allows for an increase in safety while working side by side with people. As a collaborative robot, it is easily programmed using all-new lead-through programming features.

Traditional industrial robots, by comparison, work at high volume and production rates. As such, they are extremely accurate and may have a higher payload and longer reach.

With twenty years of experience in robotic automation, Weldon Solutions’ dedicated team can provide clients with a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions to meet their operational goals. With our automation versatility, our team works with clients from concept design all the way through production and site installation. As a Certified Service Provider for FANUC Robotics, we will work together with you for the life of your Robot.

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