The G300 OD Grinder: Offering flexibility without sacrificing precision

Our new mid-size CNC cylindrical grinder is designed to operate in a wide variety of part configurations

At Weldon Solutions, all of our CNC cylindrical grinders are specifically configured, tooled and programmed to suit the individual needs of our clients. The Weldon G300 OD Grinder model is no different. Along with traditional plunge and traverse grinding processes, this new mid-size grinder can help address complex form grinding, such as tapers and radii, through forming dressed wheels or profiling.

Read on to learn more about the G300 OD Grinder at Weldon and how it may help improve your facility’s production timeline.

Guaranteed Quality. Over and Over Again.

The G300 was specifically designed for customers looking to produce high-precision parts either between centers or in a chucking mode. The G300 provides flexibility allowing you to grind a variety of part configurations with minimal set-up.

Whether you need a straight or angular wheel head, the G300 can grind outside diameters, shoulders and faces in a single set-up. The wheelheads, which include hydrodynamic spindle bearings, allow for superior surface finishes and roundness capability.

Features for Your Success

Weldon’s G300 grinder was made with you in mind. It includes the FANUC Series 0i-TD CNC Control featuring color LCD and AC digital technology, which has a battery backup absolute feedback system that eliminates the need to reference at each startup.

The cast iron machine base provides vibration control and thermal stability, which is crucial to delivering tighter tolerances. Additionally, the pressurized vee and flat way system allow for a smooth controlled linear motion.

Each system is fully enclosed and includes a full manual sliding front door assembly and multiple maintenance access window panels including safety interlocks.

Optional Features for Your G300

We know that one solution does not fit all. At Weldon Solutions, we deliver the ingenuity, expertise and commitment to ensure your next system installation is a success.

Our additional and optional features for the G300 grinder can include:

  • An in-process gage for an automatic size control
  • Automatic lateral locator, wheelhead mounted, featuring a Renishaw probe
  • Electric rotary dressing system for extended diamond life when processing with standard abrasives
  • Coolant supply and filtration systems are available to suit any application, including magnetic, fabric, cyclonic, and high pressure scrubbing
  • Acoustic emissions sensor for gap elimination, crash detection and touch dressing
  • Automation through FANUC 6 axis robots that be factory integrated on turnkey basis

As an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics, we can provide high-performance robots, coupled with our advanced grinding system development. Contact us today to learn more about the G300 and how Weldon Solutions can help you.

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