Weldon’s CNC Multi-Drawer System boosts productivity


Automation systems for CNC cylindrical grinders can help reduce labor costs while improving process control. Dedicated to providing world-class CNC grinder products, Weldon Solutions has created a multi-drawer automation system that can be added to all of its grinders and most any machine tool.

If you have limited capacity or unused equipment on the floor, a robotic automation system may help you become more efficient while increasing a machine’s utilization.

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Why Do You Need a Multi-Drawer System?

Incorporating a drawer system provides many benefits to your operations. For starters, they are easy to use and provide custom made fixture plates to help reduce changeover times and your costs.

Since the system can easily be customized, it can be used for a wide variety of applications and can tend multiple machines. By providing good line of sight to the machining process, operators can access the drawers not in use by the robot and refill them with raw parts while still in operation.

Multi-drawer systems allow for reliable output and solve labor shortages while increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs. Having this system offers a competitive advantage against your competitors.

Features to Support Your Organization

Multi-drawer systems are designed for an efficient and ergonomic setup that allows for continuous robot utilization while the operator loads/unloads the drawers.

The multi-drawer system can be used as a standalone product or can be designed into a self-contained cell for both load and unload applications and offline tasks. This allows for a variety of robot sizes and different configurations. For accuracy, each drawer system has three location balls to ensure pallet location and orientation.

Why Weldon Solutions

Weldon Solutions was selected by a global manufacturer to create an automated system for fuel injector solenoid valve face grinding needs. This included a multi-drawer system to increase the volume of parts queued at the machine to limit the amount of time needed for an operator to tend the system.

With 20 years of experience in robotic automation, Weldon Solutions’ dedicated team can provide clients with a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions to meet their operational goals. As a Certified Service Provider for FANUC Robotics and a System Integrator with 3M Select Robotics, we will work together with you for the life of your robot.

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