Have you scheduled your preventative maintenance service?


At Weldon Solutions, we pride ourselves on building the most reliable equipment possible and employing the best technicians to build and maintain our equipment. Our machines are built to last when properly maintained; we have some equipment that was built more than 35 years ago that is still used in daily production.

To keep your machines working to their highest potential, we offer regularly scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) services for our Weldon CNC grinders and FANUC robots and automation equipment. These services will enhance the longevity of your industrial equipment.

The preventative maintenance of your equipment will be scheduled based upon your production requirements. The time to complete a total PM service can vary depending on the current condition of your facility’s equipment. Our service technician will review all results of the PM with your team and, if necessary, develop a corrective action plan.

The intervals of maintenance required for each machine are based on your production levels and the environment in which the machine is used. Having a PM plan ultimately saves your budget from massive machine failures and work stoppages, which can hinder your production line and create significant revenue losses.

Call or email us for more details or to schedule a preventative maintenance visit that is specifically suited to meet your needs.


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