The major benefits of cross-training at Weldon

Employee Versatility Boosts Performance and Improves Customer Service

From fulfilling rush orders to machine maintenance support, Weldon Solutions understands that being agile and responsive goes hand-in-hand with helping our clients maintain a competitive edge and achieve continued success.

To keep client facilities operating efficiently, it is vital to have a reliable employee base that’s both engaged and flexible to jump in on priority items as they arise. A proven way to build such a workforce is through effective cross-training.

As we work to provide a variety of industries with the integrity and innovation to assure long-term security and prosperity with CNC cylindrical grinders, robotic automation systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, cross-training our employees on all of our systems and procedures has become standard practice at Weldon.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of employee versatility at Weldon.

Why Cross-Training

In providing cutting-edge technologies with a diverse product line, our engineers and technicians need to adapt and be knowledgeable with all of our products so they can effectively support our customers. To do so, we provide additional multi-discipline training for all employees no matter their job description.

As a result of this training, our technicians and engineers can provide insights and recommendations while supporting and servicing both grinders and robotic automation applications.

Benefits for All

Cross-training not only provides benefits to our clients, it also helps us grow and retain our team of employee owners. Weldon Solutions has been an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics for 20 years, achieving Level IV status. As a member, FANUC provides training to enhance our technical expertise, allowing us to support our clients with the latest automation technology and help them outperform their competition.

Our team is also comprised of experts with decades of industry experience. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, we conduct in-house training with new team members. Our newer engineers and technicians will work together with experienced employees to receive hands-on training.

With cross-trained employees overseeing all of our machinery, Weldon Solutions’ employees are knowledgeable across our products and provide flexibility that our clients need to be successful. Our clients will also receive a better response time since multiple engineers are available to assist on projects and answer questions. As a result, our clients will see less down-time for repairs and maintenance checks.

If you are looking for a partner that will support your automation needs with an experienced staff, look no further than Weldon Solutions. You will find that we are more than just a partnership, but a key part of your team. Visit us today to learn more.

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