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The benefits of utilizing silicon carbide grinding

More than 20 years ago, Weldon Solutions built its first machine for silicon carbide (SiC) grinding to support the manufacturing of high-performance LED lighting applications.

As the electric vehicle market has flourished in recent years, the increased use of SiC microchips has grown exponentially, creating new opportunities for specialized grinding machines.

At Weldon Solutions, a company built on innovation and consistency across our grinding and automation platforms, we are actively designing and developing machines that can grind SiC boules from a naturally formed shape into a useable substrate for producing high-performance microchips.

According to recent forecasts, the SiC market could reach nearly $7.8 billion by 2030, much of that continued growth fueled by demand for SiC devices in power electronics.

Read on to learn more about this growing field and Weldon’s role in SiC grinding.

Advantages of SiC microchips

 Compared to traditional silicon (Si) microchips, SiC microchips operate at higher voltages and temperatures, resulting in increased productivity, lower production costs and consistent high quality.

In addition, the larger a boule can be grown, the less waste edge material is produced. Waste edge material is nonconforming SiC that occurs during the boule growing process.

Although SiC is more challenging to grind than traditional Si, the traditional Si microchip manufacturing equipment is not viable for many of its processes.

Fortunately, Weldon has designed advanced equipment for decades to grind complex materials, including ceramics, glass, tungsten, carbides and wear materials. This experience has positioned us well to provide robust grinding solutions for the SiC manufacturing industry.

SiC grinding with Midas series

Weldon’s Midas series model is an ideal machine for SiC grinding as it can be configured with many options. It was designed for long-term performance in harsh environments with challenging materials.

The Midas series features a rotating turret, including angled and straight wheels for the boule face and diameter.

Our programmable C-axis option allows us to grind the primary and secondary location flats based on the X-rayed grain angle of the boule. Also, the onboard Renishaw probe provides angular and dimensional verification. With our Vertical Spindle option, we can create a horizontal notch required in some SiC boule applications.

Throughout our history, Weldon has collaborated closely with our customers in all industries to provide a solution for manufacturing SiC microchips. Contact us today to learn how we can implement SiC grinding into your production practice.

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