Three tips for maintaining CNC grinders

FANUC Service Maintenance


Proper care can improve productivity, efficiency and machine longevity   

Weldon Solutions prides itself on manufacturing high-quality CNC grinders and employing skilled technicians to assemble and maintain the equipment to ensure operational efficiencies and boost facility performance for its industrial customers.

CNC grinders play a crucial role in manufacturing operations. To ensure uninterrupted production and longevity, reducing the need and cost to replace equipment, these machines must be properly maintained. Weldon’s grinders can last more than 30 years when cared for diligently.

Your facility can keep production running and avoid downtime by following these tips:

  1. Conduct minor maintenance checks daily

Daily machine maintenance helps ensure the systems run smoothly and identifies problems before they become more serious. At the end of each day or before each shift, it’s important to check the fluids of CNC grinders, oil dry parts and wipe down the surfaces.

  1. Schedule routine maintenance checks

Instead of waiting for a problem to arise with a grinder, it’s best to have regular maintenance checks scheduled to help detect potential or developing issues. Weldon offers a Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) program to help maintain equipment at peak performance.

The preventative maintenance of the equipment should be scheduled based on production requirements. The time to complete a TPM service can vary depending on the current condition of a facility’s equipment.

During the TPM check, a Weldon service technician will visit the facility to evaluate the machine and develop a corrective action plan, if needed.

  1. Keep spare parts accessible

Unfortunately, some grinders will unexpectedly malfunction, and a customer may need a part immediately. Since a company’s bottom line can be severely impacted by extended downtime, it can minimize potential loss and shorten production delays by maintaining an inventory of spare parts accessible to key personnel and service teams.

We recommend keeping a record of parts that frequently wear out or fail and prioritizing stock orders. As it has been difficult to obtain some materials promptly due to global supply chain challenges, we advise keeping harder-to-find parts on hand and identifying advance ordering and bulk purchasing opportunities when possible.

Overall, Weldon aims to help our customers eliminate costly downtime and repairs and keep their grinders operating daily. By conducting preventative maintenance checks with Weldon, manufacturing and other industrial companies can increase their up-time, improve ROI and lower repair costs.

We hope our recommendations help avoid grinder mishaps, improve productivity and maximize machine longevity. For more information or to schedule a preventative maintenance check, email:

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