New G300 Grinder offers durability, flexible applications


The CNC cylindrical grinders Weldon Solutions creates are custom-built for each individual customer, and the new G300 OD Grinder showcases the durability and flexibility to improve your facility’s production timeline.

To round out Weldon’s OD grinder lineup, the G300 was added to fill the gap between our AGN4 and the Gold/Midas platforms in terms of size capabilities and price. The G300 offers the part size capabilities of a larger, 300mm swing machine.

g33 OD grinder The G300 main sub-models Weldon is offering are the 500mm and 1000mm between centers machines. The traditional Weldon model capable of 1000mm between centers is the Altaira.

While the Altaira will always be the more heavy-duty, high-production model, that machine can be more cost prohibitive for some customers. The more economical G300 can help address more of the longer-part applications when such a heavy-duty model is not needed.

Along with the AGN4 and UGC models, the base G300 model is manufactured by the Tsugami Corporation in Japan. Weldon has a long history of partnering with Tsugami and the proven reliability of these products, along with being fully tooled, deployed and supported by Weldon from our York, PA office for the North American market, is a winning combination along with our other Weldon-manufactured products.

Custom capabilities

For applications, the G300 is best for between centers and chucking applications and low- to medium-production levels. The most common custom options to add include a lateral locator, in-process gaging system, acoustic emissions monitoring system, automatic wheel balancing and rotary dressing.

Along with the fixed straight and angular approach wheelheads, there are several models of turret-based wheelhead configurations available on the G300. These are often more common in custom applications and allow for multiple operations without changing grinding wheels.

These industrial grinding machines face some of the toughest work environments possible. When Weldon products are routinely maintained and cleaned, they will last for decades.

As an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics, we can provide high-performance robots, coupled with our advanced grinding system development. Contact us today to learn more about the G300 and how Weldon Solutions can help support your facility.

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