Cobots serve essential functions, help workers stay safe


Collaborative robots, cobots for short, allow humans to safely work side-by-side with robots as the machines perform tedious, repetitive tasks.

Weldon Solutions has received an increasing number of requests to build customized cobot systems for industrial and manufacturing facilities to help them handle menial tasks more efficiently.

Weldon designs and installs cobot systems for various applications such as machine tending – including for loading and unloading metal processing machines like lathes and mills – as well as for assembly of a truck transmission and for removing sharp edges from machined parts.

Cobots are also common on production lines where packaging speed occurs at a rate the cobot can keep pace with, like picking up a box every 20 seconds and putting it on a pallet.

Custom jobs

The customers are sector-agnostic. Many are large companies that have been the traditional domain for industrial robots which are looking for applications where cobots can exist. Plus, small to medium-sized enterprises are using more cobots. Those smaller operations might not have as much space for a safety fence or might not have as much technical support in their plants, and the cost to get involved in automation with a cobot can be reduced.

Weldon’s approach is to build each cobot system for the specific project it will be used for. Although some similarities may exist between projects, such as grippers and conveyors, Weldon adds value by customizing each cobot for its particular application.

When not to use a cobot

While cobots are far more commonplace than just five years ago, with more manufacturers of cobots than ever before, they will always be limited in their scope of work.

Since cobots are working alongside their human handlers, they are a much tamer version of their industrial-strength cousins.

Cobots are programmed to handle no more than 35 kilograms. They also travel at a slow rate so that if they do hit a person, they will stop quickly with less momentum behind them. 

Know how to handle your cobot

Weldon performs risk assessments on applications for cobots to the American National Standards Institute and Robotic Industries Association standards. We ensure all our cobots abide by those standards.

Weldon Solutions delivers the ingenuity, expertise and commitment you need to make your next robotic system installation a success. Collaborative robots can be a valuable addition to any facility looking to automate menial tasks, but they do have limitations and should only be used in appropriate applications.

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