Video: Robotic dispensing expertise on display


When customers contact Weldon Solutions to discuss ways to automate their industrial operations, they know they won’t be getting a cookie-cutter product. While there may be some similarity between machines, each automation project Weldon builds is custom created.

In the video, you can view a robotic sealant dispensing system which Weldon built to help a U.S.-based manufacturer apply glazing compound to vinyl door frames.

The customer was initially interested in material handling automation. After learning that Weldon has more than 15 years of experience in creating solutions for adhesive and sealant dispensing, the glazing project was also considered.

The project included automatic inspection of door frame dimensions so the robot path could fit to the size of the door. The two-part glazing compound is mixed in real-time and dispensed precisely on the door frame. Once the sealant is dispensed, the robot uses laser profilers to ensure that the correct amount of glazing compound is placed in the correct position.

Weldon can create automation solutions for dispensing applications, along with material removal, assembly and material handling. Material handling projects may include machine tending, packaging and palletizing, or stacking and unstacking of miscellaneous products. The company also has more than 40 years of experience in designing and building CNC-controlled cylindrical grinders.

By casting our net wider than usual, like for this dispensing project, Weldon is building a more comprehensive portfolio for the automation side of the business. If your operation needs automation solutions, contact Weldon today to discuss how robots can enhance your facility’s productivity.


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