Larger projects planned for Weldon’s expanded headquarters and production shop


Now that we have completed a 21,000-square-foot expansion of Weldon Solutions’ production shop, warehouse and offices, we wanted to hear how the additional space is being utilized by the engineers and electricians utilizing the space.

We asked Production Manager Paul Garner and Manager of Grinder Sales Benjamin Cornbower how the expansion has benefited their work and staff.

Q: So, what’s it like to have all this newly expanded space?

Garner: It is especially exciting to know the dream of growing the space has come true.

Q: What’s it allowing you to do that you could not previously?

Cornbower: The expansion gives us a lot more area to show off all of Weldon’s capabilities.

Garner: It’s allowing us to expand the size and quantity for both grinder and automation projects.

Q: Are there challenges from the old space that the expanded space solves?

Garner: It relieves an all-around congestion issue that we’ve had for years. It’s letting us stretch out.

Cornbower: It’s given us more space to set up grinder models and bases that would have previously been stored in a warehouse until they were needed. And it’s helping to keep projects separate from each other.

Q: How will the expanded building support future job growth at Weldon Solutions?

Cornbower: For both new employees and projects, it will allow us to demonstrate far more on the floor.

Garner: It’s letting us expand the size and quantity of future projects and gives us expanded inventory space for all grinder models. It also increases floor space to support larger, custom automation projects.

Q: How does the additional space support larger custom automation projects?

Cornbower: It’s helpful in that it allows for a more complete setup of the systems necessary to support those bigger automation projects that we’re planning for the future.

With the expanded base of operations, Weldon is taking on more and larger projects. Contact us to discuss how we can help fulfill your CNC grinder and industrial automation needs.

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