Weldon is a FANUC Certified Service Provider

Weldon Solutions is proud to provide customers with FANUC authorized service solutions to help you operate and maintain your robotic automation systems at peak efficiency. Weldon is a FANUC Certified Service Provider, one of a very select group of robotics companies in the US that have earned this designation. Fewer than 5% of FANUC Authorized System Integrators achieve the distinction of becoming a Certified Service Provider. Are you tackling a new FANUC robotic system or working with existing equipment? From start to finish – and every step in between – a dedicated Weldon service professional will provide you with outstanding service and support.

Our goal in receiving this designation is to provide you with the highest level of customer service… and earn your full satisfaction. Our standard service protocols meet the stringent expectations of FANUC America, so you receive prompt, highly qualified service. Whenever and wherever you need it.

Our FANUC Certified Service Provider designation means that Weldon Solutions customers will experience:

  • Engineers trained and certified by FANUC
    Our service engineers have successfully completed FANUC America Robotics certified training and these highly-skilled professionals are available on demand.
  • Ultimate 24/7 availability
    We can assist you with troubleshooting, service and parts by telephone during normal working hours and through an on-call engineer after hours.
  • The highest levels of safety standards
    Weldon’s FANUC Certified engineers are dedicated to ensuring that you have the safest robot environment possible. Our technicians exhibit the highest  levels of knowledge and expertise in robotic safety, operations and maintenance.
  • Professional FANUC warranty repairs
    Our FANUC Certified engineers can perform warranty repairs on numerous FANUC Robotics’ products. As a Certified Service Provider, your FANUC warranty repairs are completed efficiently, quickly and on budget.
  • A fully stocked parts inventory
    In compliance with our FANUC Certified Service Provider designation, Weldon Solutions stocks a comprehensive inventory of critical FANUC spare parts for emergency robot repairs. We provide customers with quick response rates resulting in reduced downtime.

Contact Weldon Solutions today to take advantage of our FANUC Robotic automation service and repair expertise!

  • Our diverse training and expertise allows Weldon Solutions to provide on-going Technical Support for equipment supplied directly by us… or as a subcontractor to another supplier
  • In addition to full service on site at your facility (dependent on COVID-19 restrictions), Weldon can also provide remote support by connecting via the Internet directly to your robotic equipment
  • We also offer service and support for inverters and variable frequency drives

Email me!


Willie Godfrey
Customer Service Manager
Office – (717) 846-4000
Mobile – (717) 324-6670
Fax – (717) 846-3624

For best call results, please have the following information available before calling our Customer Service technician:

  • Part name and number (if known)
  • F# or serial number of robot
  • P.O., credit card, or receiving # for warranty, down units or software
  • Shipping & billing addresses
  • Reason for repair (any symptoms, error codes, or diagnostic LEDs that were identified)
  • Requested arrival time
  • Parts in inventory
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