OD Grinder

MIDAS Series OD Grinder
High production multi-spindle grinding

The Weldon Midas series of CNC cylindrical grinders are designed to satisfy high production applications either between centers or in a chucking mode. These machines also provide the flexibility to grind a variety of part configurations with minimal set-up. Rotary and linear axes are sealed from airborne contaminates providing unmatched longevity in carbide and ceramic grinding applications.

Available with either a straight, angular or turret style wheelhead, the Weldon Midas machines can grind outside diameters, shoulders, faces, tapers, and radii, sometimes in a single set-up. Properly equipped, a Weldon Midas is ideally suited for high speed “Peel” grinding with CBN abrasives. Additionally, a programmable “C” axis package can be provided to accommodate non-round grinding applications.

Typical applications include bearing shafts, gear shafts, spindles, hydraulic spools, crankshafts, camshafts, wheel hubs, and large bushings.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) grinding with the Midas series

Our Midas series models are ideal machines for SiC grinding as they can be configured with many options. They are designed for long-term performance in harsh environments with challenging materials.

The Midas series features a rotating turret, including angled and straight wheels for the boule face and diameter.

Our programmable C-axis option allows us to grind the primary and secondary location flats based on the X-rayed grain angle of the boule. Also, the onboard Renishaw probe provides angular and dimensional verification. With our Vertical Spindle option, we can create a horizontal notch required in some SiC boule applications.

Throughout our history, Weldon has collaborated closely with our customers in all industries to provide a solution for manufacturing SiC microchips. Contact us today to learn how we can implement SiC grinding into your production practice.



  • Fanuc model 32i-BT CNC control with color LCD, and servo drives featuring Fanuc AC digital technology.

  • Shear Damper machine base providing stiffness, vibration control, and thermal stability through the use of shear tubes.

  • Cross-roller linear way system with recirculating bearings and precision ground rails.

  • Low inertia break-away coupling, X-axis, for ballscrew protection.

  • Heavy-duty live spindle workhead with 6″ A2 spindle nose and #5 MT center.

  • Preloaded, precision ground, double-nutted ballscrew assembly for X axis.

  • Fanuc linear motor assembly for Z axis.

  • Automatic lubrication system, monitored by the control, with lube fault protection.

  • Tailstock, lever operated, spring loaded, with #5 MT center.

  • Variable speed wheel drive, CNC controlled with dynamic braking.

  • Full enclosure with manually operated front and side sliding door assemblies.


  • 24″ swing capacity to accommodate larger diameter workparts.

  • In-process gage for automatic size control.

  • Automatic lateral locator, wheelhead mounted, featuring a Renishaw probe.

  • Acoustic emissions sensor for gap elimination, crash detection, and touch dressing.

  • Programmable workhead with rotary scale, 475 RPM max. For non-round applications.

  • Power operated tailstock, 5″ stroke, with smart cylinder feedback.

  • Electric rotary dressing systems for super abrasive wheels or extended diamond life when processing with standard abrasives.

  • High pressure grinding wheel cleaner.

  • Work holding can be addressed with manual and powered jaw chucks, collet chucks, magnetic faceplates, vacuum chucks, expanding arbors, pitch-line chucks, and custom fixtures.

  • Coolant supply and filtration systems are available to suit any application; magnetic, fabric, cyclonic, pressure, and combination filtration units can be provided.

  • Fanuc X-axis linear motor for non-round applications.

  • Automatic machine tending with Fanuc 6-axis robots, or custom alternatives can be factory integrated on a turnkey basis.


120S Straight Wheelhead  |  120A Angular Wheelhead
26″ Work Table Travel

16″ Swing

12″ Length

20″ Wheel

124S Straight Wheelhead  |  124A Angular Wheelhead
26″ Work Table Travel

16″ Swing

12″ Length

24″ Wheel

320S Straight Wheelhead  |  320A Angular Wheelhead
32″ Work Table Travel

16″ Swing

32″ Length

20″ Wheel

324S Straight Wheelhead  |  324A Angular Wheelhead
32″ Work Table Travel

16″ Swing

32″ Length

24″ Wheel