Stacking/unstacking robot system

The Weldon Solutions LidTender applies robotic technology to material handling by automating the stacking and unstacking of lids removed from baking pans for storage.

Working with a conveyor that feeds product to the robot, this system can function in a variety of material handling applications, including:

  • stacking/unstacking
  • palletizing
  • storage
  • product repositioning

The LidTender Stacking/Unstacking Robot System from Weldon Solutions uses a FANUC M-410 iB Robot to pick up bakery pan lids accumulated by a conveyor system, and stack them for intermediate-term storage on a floor-mounted fixture. The custom-designed robot head has 28 grippers that handle variations in the lids through vertical and horizontal compliance. The grippers also automatically adjust to the variable temperature range of the lids themselves, as well as the environment in which they are transported. Electronic sensors and side guides on the conveyor allow the system to function in full automatic mode. The entire system is designed to reduce noise.

Robotic Technology

Robotic material handling has many advantages, including increased longevity of reused material by reducing wear through precise robotic placement. This stack/unstack interface can easily accommodate the movement and positioning of various types of materials into a production cycle or storage system. The same robot that stacks the materials can also unstack them, and then return them to the conveyor system for placing the materials back into a production cycle. Depending on the application, Weldon can supply 4-axis, 6-axis or gantry robots. This stacking/unstacking application is one of many automated solutions that Weldon offers.


Conveyor Interface

  • Takes lids that have been removed from baking pans and stacks them for storage
  • Conveyor system consistently feeds a group of lids to the Robot
  • Lids are guided to pick-up position
  • Robot gripper and conveyor side guides facilitate automatic operation. System designed to reduce noise.

Gentle Robotic Handling

  • Increase lid life through precise robotic placement of lids
  • Robot gripper handles variation in lids through vertical and horizontal compliance
  • Robot gripper designed for high temperature lid handling
  • Fanuc 4-axis, 6-axis, or gantry Robots available depending on application
  • Robot is never absent and never needs a break!

Stack/Unstack Interface

  • Lids may be stacked for storage by Automated Storage System
  • Lids may be stacked on Lid Trucks
  • Lids may be stacked on easy-to-clean, floor-mounted fixtures
  • Same Robot can Stack and Unstack
  • Lids returned to conveyor for placement on pans prior to the oven