Our automated bakery pan systems increase your profits!

Weldon Solutions pan automation systems help you optimize the production cycle in your commercial bakery. Our systems handle pan storage and retrieval, pan unstacking and stacking, pan conveying and pan inverting to enhance your efficiency and increase your profits!

E300 Automated Pan Storage System

These Weldon Solutions single-level and multi-level pan storage and retrieval systems are designed to be affordable for any size bakery

  • Ideally suited for retrofit into existing bakeries
  • Typical 10 day installation period
  • Reduced deck height
  • Reduced system height for single-level system… only 7 foot clearance required

We offer a broad range of bakery interface options

  • Able to handle lids, pans, baskets or other containers
  • Automated or manual Pan Truck interface available
  • Our patented narrow product conveyor available to handle broadest range of pan sizes

Easily accessible components

  • Standard components used throughout
  • Entire system designed with maintenance in mind
  • Field-tested components selected for long, trouble-free operation

Control system standard features

  • Flexible inventory management tools
  • Simple, on-site editing of pan names and quantities
  • Simulation model to insure performance under all conditions

Enhanced system intelligence

  • Self-correcting features reduce faults
  • Automatic Pan Inventory updates for empty positions
  • Partial loads of pans handled independently in inventory
  • Pans rotated through system for equal wear

PanVerter Automated Pan Turner

PanVerter turns pans upside down

  • Take empty bakery pans and invert them to clean out debris
  • Upside-down pans are ideal for conveying across the bakery or for long-term storage
  • Equipment is designed for gentle handing of pans and longer pan life

PanVerter also turns pans right side up

  • Turn pans over prior to filling with dough
  • Conveyor side clamp to insure continuous, trouble-free operation
  • Easy adjustment for a wide range of bread and roll pans
  • Accumulate pans for non-stop production on your bakery line

PanTender Stacking Robot

Weldon Solutions brings you the benefits of flexible automation

  • Increase pan life through precise robotic placement of pans
  • Improve sanitation by storing pans upside down
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • Robot gripper has built-in vertical and horizontal compliance to handle wide range of pans and pan conditions
  • Robot gripper designed for use with hot pans
  • Robots available for any bakery, choose from FANUC 4-axis, 6-axis or gantry robots
  • Ideal for new installation or retrofit into existing operation

Perfect pan placement with robotic precision…EVERY TIME!