Automated Trough Systems

Weldon Solutions is a leader in the design and installation of in-process automated storage and retrieval systems for the wholesale baking industry. Introduced in 1989, these systems continue to take advantage of new technology to maximize performance and reliability.

The E320 Automated Trough System fits compactly in your bakery layout using available ceiling height. The system interfaces directly with your mixers, dividers and other process equipment.

See how Weldon Solutions can save you money through reduced labor costs and improved process control with our proven technology.

Multi-Level Storage

  • Multi-Level storage saves floor space
  • Modular design easily interfaces to mixers and dividers
  • No trough hoists required
  • Simple, proven design
  • Process control interface to mixing room

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate labor required to move troughs
  • Eliminate ergonomic problems with pushing troughs
  • Variable fermentation time available
  • Multiple production line systems
  • A variety of options are available
    • Temperature/humidity controlled enclosures
    • Trough dumpers
    • De-gasser
    • Trough scale
    • Dough temperature sensor
    • Trough cleaning

Broad Range of Applications

  • Bread Dough Fermentation
  • Roll Dough Fermentation
  • Pie Dough Retarding
  • Cereal Dough