It’s what drives you that counts

We sell and offer advanced engineering applications for Toshiba variable frequency drives. In addition, customers can take advantage of our spare parts, option boards and on-site startup and warranty repair.

Toshiba manufactures a full spectrum of motor control and switchgear equipment for thousands of industrial and OEM applications. Recognized worldwide as a leader in low/medium voltage electric motors and variable speed drives, Toshiba currently offers drives from 1/8 hp to 2250 hp.

Toshiba Variable Frequency Drives

This is a sample of Weldon’s line of drives, motors, controllers and option boards.

Ask about the drive motor combination savings that Toshiba has to offer: 2 year warranty on motors, 1 year warranty on drives. There is a 3 year warranty on both the motor and drive if purchased as a package.

Competitive pricing on obsolete and older drive products is available upon request.

  • H9 Adjustable speed drive
  • G9 Adjustable speed drive
  • VF-AS1 (Toshiba/Schneider joint venture) drive
  • VT130G7 Variable frequency drive
  • VFS11 Variable frequency drive (micro drive)
  • VFnC1 Nano drive
  • VT130H7 Variable frequency drive
  • Toshiba’s rugged line of Motors
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Older model Accessory boards (Verta-Mate)
  • G7inp board (Weldon design) for 120vac input to the drive

Circuit Boards

Weldon Solutions carries a variety of circuit boards for your drive applications. We also repair obsolete boards. We’re especially efficient at repairing older Emtrol boards for which you may be having difficulty finding repair options. This specialty also includes the full line of VertaMate circuit boards.