Cobots offer robot/human interaction

Collaborative robots allow humans to work side-by-side with robots, becoming a crucial part of the team. Alongside their co-workers, these collaborative robots take over tedious, repetitive tasks, maintaining your worker’s health and safety while automating almost any task.

The benefits of collaborative robots include:

  • Safe work environment, usually without fencing
  • Easy-to-use programming
  • Proven FANUC technology and repeatability
  • Compatible with all Intelligent Robot features

FANUC Cobots

Our partnership with FANUC Robotics means you have access to the same robust precision you expect in their industry-leading articulated arms… now in collaborative robotic technology.

Safety-certified and with payloads from 4-35 kg, the FANUC CR and CRX series of collaborative robots work hand in hand with humans to add value to your processes. Equipped with anti-trap protection, the CR and CRX robot series’ will work side-by-side with people without the need for additional safety devices. Operators can guide, teach it or simply push FANUC collaborative robots away.