Custom industrial robotic dispensing systems

Weldon and FANUC offer a full range of dispensing and coating robots for a complete adhesive or paint automation solution. Advantages of industrial dispening and coating robots include:

  • Accurately locate material wherever it is needed
  • Apply a consistent amount of material every time
  • Minimize waste by only using as much material as is needed… manufacturing is no longer subject to inconsistent manual process that may specify too much material to cover up for operator inefficiencies
  • Keep personnel away from messy and hazardous material
  • Quickly change Robot program to allow for modified placement or amount of material being dispensed
  • Suitable for use with adhesives, sealants, foams, one part or multi-part epoxies, grease, etc.
  • Typical benefits of automation – improved labor efficiency, increased speed and precision, improved consistency

Robotic Dispensing System Components

  • 6-axis FANUC Robot
  • Computer simulation of robotic motion to confirm payload, reach, and speed and ensure that there is no interference with other equipment
  • Custom designed tool holder to interface with applicator nozzle
  • Dress-out to protect cables and hoses between the pump and applicator nozzle
  • Automated material handling for unattended operation or part fixtures for manual load/unload
  • Workcell enclosure to keep personnel safe
  • Robot programming
  • Factory testing
  • Complete turnkey installation with on-site start-up
  • Technical support for future system enhancements, troubleshooting or preventive maintenance