Handling the most demanding applications

In the machine tool industry our automation solutions set the standard for reliability and affordability. When compared to traditional gantries, articulated robotic solutions enable you to…

  • Achieve shorter installation time resulting in lower integration costs
  • Replace part carousels with pallets for part queuing to reduce overall system costs
  • Eliminate some moving components such as rotary actuators to minimize maintenance expenses
  • Use one robot to tend multiple machines with multiple operations to lower your capital investment
  • Have more valuable floor space available

Robots can also assist with secondary process functions such as inspections (auto or manual), labeling, blow-off, re-grip and flipping or inverting.

Weldon Solutions
Machine Tending capabilities

An introduction to Weldon Solutions’ Robotic Automation Machine Tending capabilities.

Integrated Workcells

Weldon has the expertise to design and install a completely integrated workcell using multiple machine tools and robots. These workcells are ideal for producing parts that require several processes from start to finish. For example, using a combination of conveyors, robots and machine tools, in a single cycle an integrated workcell can load, grind, unload, measure, transport and test a specific part in production. Take advantage of the increased productivity and savings provided by custom-built workcells using Weldon Grinders, FANUC robots – even your own existing machine tools – for use in a wide variety of industrial applications.


Machine Load and Unload

No matter what machine you use – mill, lathe, CNC grinder, broach – Weldon can design an automated system to load and unload it.
Weldon’s machine load and unload capabilities… watch automated grinding in action.


Press Load and Unload

Stamping and forging presses can also benefit from Weldon’s machine tending load and unload capabilities.


Gantry Robots

A gantry robot consists of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system that allows movement across a horizontal plane. They are usually large systems that perform pick and place applications, but they can also be used in welding and other applications.

Gantry robot systems provide the advantage of large work areas and better positioning accuracy. Position accuracy is the ability of the robot to place a part correctly. Gantry robots are easier to program, with respect to motion, because they work with an X, Y, Z coordinate system. Another advantage is that they are less limited by floor space constraints.