If you need to move it, stack it or store it… We have a solution!

Weldon Solutions develops and delivers integrated manufacturing systems using the latest advancements in automation, robotics and controls. This allows a variety of industries to achieve:

  • Huge gains in production efficiency, throughput and quality
  • Greater flexibility and faster responsiveness to customer demands
  • Lower costs and higher profits!

Automated Material Handling Systems have been successfully installed in a variety of industrial environments – wholesale baking, printing, petrochemical, ceramics and metal fabrication, to name a few. Clients around the world are benefiting from our material handling installations… companies like Shell Oil, Interstate Brands and Kraft Foods.


Weldon Solutions applies robotic technology to material handling by automating the stacking and unstacking of components or parts for storage.

Working with a conveyor that feeds product to the robot, this system can function in a variety of material handling applications, including:

  • stacking/unstacking
  • palletizing
  • storage
  • product repositioning

Case/Dunnage Packing

Weldon has the expertise to design and install a complete system for case packing.


Our years of experience in the integration of Materials Handling Systems with electronic drives, PLC-based controls, inventory control and data acquisition software have revolutionized the capabilities of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS). Now you can put our AS/RS expertise to use in a variety of applications, such as…

  • Automated Warehouse Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • In-Process Storage

In the baking industry Weldon Solutions pioneered the use of AS/RS for Pan Storage and has…

  • The only multi-level systems
  • The most interface options
  • Robotic Pan & Lid Stacking/Unstacking

Weldon Solutions also pioneered the use of AS/RS for bakery Trough Storage and has built systems for…

  • Bread Dough Fermentation
  • Roll Dough Fermentation
  • Pie Dough Retarding
  • Cereal Dough Proofing

In the petrochemical industry Weldon Solutions installed an AS/RS system to age 5,000 lb. totes of catalyst material. The system…

  • Stores 150 totes for 14 days each
  • Automatically removes and replaces lids
  • Interfaces with Process Equipment
  • Works reliably every day of the year

In the newspaper industry Weldon Solutions has installed multiple shuttle cars to move carts of bundled newspapers. The shuttles…

  • Bring empty carts to be loaded
  • Take loaded carts to the shipping dock
  • Can transport 4 carts at a time


Weldon assembly robots have expanded production capabilities in the manufacturing world. The assembly process is faster, more efficient and precise than ever before.

End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) can be customized for each assembly robot to fit any assembly needs. Robots have saved workers from tedious and dull assembly line jobs, while increasing production and savings in the process.

Auxiliary Equipment

We can also design a material handling system that includes conveyors, bowl feeders and various types of magazines.