Grinding, cutting, deburring, sanding, polishing…

Material removal applications are a common part of most manufacturing processes.

Applications that perfect product surfaces can range from harsh, abrasive methods, like smoothing out steel; to precise, careful spot removal techniques for parts as small as jewelry. Using industrial material removing robots, quality and speed are increased while cost savings improve.


Weldon Solutions has engineered a compact robotic cell to automatically deburr small parts. Compliant tooling, programmable robot path and an ID/OD gripper provide the flexibility to deburr a broad range of part profiles with a single machine within a 54″ x 54″ footprint.

The features include:

  • A compact, portable design
  • Multi-feature deburring of up to 6 parts per minute
  • Flexible design and construction allowing for simple changeover when deburring different parts

This Robotic Deburring Cell from Weldon Solutions is optimally designed to create a small footprint on your shop floor, measuring 54″ x 54″. This self-contained, compact cell can easily be transported to a new location using only a forklift.

The cell is composed of a guided infeed track, a programmable FANUC robot with continuous wrist rotation, a motor driven abrasive deburring wheel mounted on a PushCorp compliant force device, and an outfeed chute. The system features automatic wheel dress at predetermined intervals in the production cycle, and a cycle speed as short as 10 seconds even when deburring multi-featured parts. The cell is surrounded by an electrically interlocked safety enclosure.

The Weldon Robotic Deburring Cell can be fed using a variety of methods including conveyor, gravity track, bowl feeder or pallet. Weldon Solutions can also design and manufacture custom infeed and outfeed equipment for the cell.


Other Deburring Solutions

Robotic deburring cell for removing waste on a cast housing.


Center Lapping

Improve accuracy in completed parts by conditioning center holes in hardened work pieces.