Preparing goods for transport or storage

Weldon Solutions is an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC America, North America’s leading supplier of robotic automation. Together we offer a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions for dunnage load/unload, packaging and palletizing and parts picking operations and a broad spectrum of other industrial automation needs.


Weldon Solutions can design a palletizer that can provide an automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products on to a pallet.

Robotic palletizing can be used in many industries including food processing, manufacturing, and shipping. Various end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) styles allow flexibility of different types of palletization. Bag grippers encompass an item and support it on the bottom, while suction and magnetic grippers typically handle more ridged items and grip them from the top.

Weldon Solutions uses FANUC robots offering large horizontal and vertical reaches that allow parts far and near, high or low to be reached and palletized.

Dunnage Load & Unload

Weldon has the expertise to design and install a complete system for package loading and unloading.

High-Speed Picking

Weldon Solutions can engineer a robotic solution for high-speed picking of parts and components for organization or packaging.